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The Trusted Stamina and Energy Supplementing Brand

EXPERTPHARM's Ener-Qi Booster was developed support energy and combat fatigue without nausea or constipation. Formulated to provide a complete combination of key nutritions to help support the body’s regulation and specially hormone level, end years of fatigue with EXPERTPHARM Ener-Qi Booster!

Scientifically Formulated for Man and Woman

A Product of Proven Formula by history

Ener-Qi Booster is made based on a classical Chinese herbal formula Danggui Buxue Tang (DBT, Chinese Angelica - Blood Supplementing Decoction) that has been well studied for its safety and efficacy.

It is well-known for its function of boosting qi and supplementing the blood. Astragalus root is the most commonly used herb for boosting qi (source of energy), and Chinese Angelica is the best-known Chinese herb for supplementing the blood.

Made for a supplement of Qi and Blood
  • Qi and blood are the two most vital substances for life. Since the characteristic symptom of qi deficiency is fatigue, Western medicine explain qi as “energy”.

  • Modern studies have revealed that the functions of qi cover the function or neuro-endo-immune network.

  • One becomes sick when her/his qi and blood are deficient. When qi is deficient, one’s immune system becomes weak, making it easier to be attacked by the exogenous pathogens and get sick.

  • Long term qi deficiency will lead to blood deficiency. In another words, blood deficiency goes hand in hand with qi deficiency.

  • In addition to fatigue, other symptoms that may accompany it are blood deficiency, anemia, pale complexion, poor sleep, poor memory, dry skin, hair loss, or oligomenorrhea and so on.

Outstanding Quality

✔️ Effective Ingredients at strategic doses

✔️ Made in the USA in a CGMP Facility

✔️ Premium Ingredients

✔️ Brand You Can Trust - We are always ready to help

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