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What is the distinguished advantage of EXPERTPHARM Immune Booster?

  • EXPERTPHARM Immune Booster is a mixture of natural herbal extracts that including astragalus, codonopsis, poria, atractylodes, orange peel, platycodon root, bitter almonds, bitter orange, ginger, licorice, jujube.

  • All the herbs have been safely used for over 1000 years,

  • All the herbs have been well studied for their safety and efficacy,

  • This product is formulated by Dr. Willow Liu, a renowned expert of Chinese herbal medicine who has studied and practiced Chinese medicine for over 35 years.

  • The formula has been testified by many people in Dr. Liu's clinic of Herbs & Acupuncture.

  • Chinese medicine believes that when the digestive system becomes dysfunctional, the body is unable to digest and absorb enough nutrients that nourish all cells, hundred types of diseases may come out. In this formula, some herbs can enhance immune function, some can improve digestion, and some can promote respiratory function.

  • It is recommended for people who are always weak, or just recovered from severe diseases, or having chemotherapy.

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A Powerful Immune System Booster

✔️ Respiratory Support*

✔️ Immune Defense*

✔️ Powerful Antioxidant*

✔️ Promotes Cell Functions*

Scientifically Blended For Your Immunity

✔️ Fortifies Your Digestive System

✔️ Strengthens Immune System While Nourishing the Body

✔️ Natural Immune Defense

100% Natural Formula
Outstanding Effects

✔️ Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

✔️ Safe, Pure, High-Quality Supplements

✔️ Natural Extractions from popular traditional Chinese medical herbals

✔️ Effective Ingredients at strategic doses

✔️ Made in the USA in a CGMP Facility

✔️ Premium Ingredients

✔️ Brand You Can Trust - We are always ready to help

Powerful Ingredients For Optimal Results

✔️ Powerful Dose of 7g of EXPERTPHARM's Immune Defense in Each Serving

✔️ Ingredients from Asian traditional medicine that has proven effectiveness against viral infections

✔️ Optimizes Natural Respiratory Support

Recommended For Everyone

✔️ Women

✔️ Children

✔️ Men

✔️ Health Conscious

✔️ Active Individuals

Strengthen Your Immune Defense*

✔️ Natural Immune Support Ingredients*

✔️ Created to keep you stay active

✔️ Aids Against Oxidative Stress*

✔️ Feel strong all year long*

EXPERTPHARM Keeps You On Track

✔️ 14-Day Supply

✔️ Take 1 sachet Daily with 10 oz. Glass of Water

✔️ Easy to dissolve, Convenient When On the Go

✔️ Drink like a cup of coffee

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