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  • ALL NATURAL! The ingredients are Coix seed, adzuki bean, Chinese quince fruit, kudzu root, hawthorn berry, lotus leaves, cinnamon twig, jujube which have been used as food and herb for centuries.

  • EFFECTIVE! MAINTAINS HEALTHY BLOOD SUGAR: Modern pharmacological studies have revealed that coix seed can improve water transportation, adzuki bean and lotus leaves have anti-obesity effects, lotus leaves can also help decrease raised lipids, hawthorn fruit can increase the integrity of the blood vessel wall and improve coronary blood flow, Jujube can nourish blood, regulate digestion, improve quality of sleep and also has neuroprotective activities, cinnamon can improve circulation and help reduce blood sugar, kudzu root can significantly improve cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and neural functions and it also has neuro-protection effect.

  • SAFE: Metabolic Aid is made by EXPERT Pharmaceutical, a FDA registered cGMP facility in California. Our mission is to provide effective and safe products that help our customers to enjoy happier and healthier lives. This product is All Natural, Free of Soy, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Peanuts, Sweeteners, Shellfish & Sugar

  • HIGH QUALITY: All the ingredients and finish products are tested by a laboratory that complies ISO 17025.

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Historic used Ingredients
100% Natural Formula

✔️ Ingredients from Asian traditional medicine that has proven effectiveness in promoting the metabolism of water, fat, and blood glucose.

✔️ Safe, Pure, High-Quality Supplements

✔️ Natural Extractions from popular traditional Chinese medical herbals

Outstanding Effects

✔️ Effective Ingredients at strategic doses

✔️ Made in the USA in a CGMP Facility

✔️ Premium Ingredients

✔️ Brand You Can Trust - We are always ready to help

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