Bronchial Health - Support circulation and functions of respiratory system
  • Bronchial Health - Support circulation and functions of respiratory system

    14 Sachets
    Relax the bronchi, dissolve phlegm, support circulation and functions of the respiratory tract and lungs

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      Suggested use: 1 sachet each time, 1-2 times per day (2 times recommended). Dissolve with 6-9 oz warm water. Add honey for better taste.


      Main ingredients: Tatarian aster root, stemona root, orange peel, platycodon, scutellaria, bitter almonds, loquat leaves, licorice.
      Recommended for: People with coughs caused by infection. 


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      This is a formula that Dr. Willow Liu developed with combination of traditional application and modern study. Its efficacy on coughs has been testified by her patients in her clinic for over 15 years.

      Pharmacological studies showed that Tatarian aster root, Stamina root, Loquat leaf and licorice all have antitussive, and expectorant activities. Tatarian aster root, Scutellaria and licorice have antibacterial, anti-virus and antiinflammation functions. Tatarian aster root, Loquat leaf and bitter almond have antiasthmatic activity. Orange peel also has antiasthmatic and antiinflammation properties.



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