Fertilitator - Support ovarian function, increase fertility
  • Fertilitator - Support ovarian function, increase fertility

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    Function: Support female ovarian function, raise the number and quality of male sperms, and increase fertility.

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      Suggested use: 1 bag each time, 2 bags per day, take 12 boxes recommended based on the clinic study.

      Ingredients: Lycium Fruit, Dodder Seed, Red Sage Root, Processed Green Orange Peel, Processed fo-ti, Epimedium, Codonopsis, Rasberry, Astragalus Root, Chinese Yam, White Peony, False Daisy, Mulberry, Curcuma Tuber, Cynomorium

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      Fertilitator is an herbal product using the same formula as for Qilin Pill, one of the most commonly prescribed Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of male and female infertility by the clinic specialists in China. The extract was provided by Guangdong Tai An Tang Pharmaceutical Ltd., the manufacturer made Qilin pill. 


      The formula contains 15 Chinese herbs, most of which are tonics and have been proven by pharmacological studies to act on the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonad axis to regulate the hormonal balance.(1-3) The results of animal toxicology test and reproductive toxicology test (teratogenicity test) confirm that Qilin Pill is a safe and effective Chinese medicine formula.(4)


      Multiple clinical studies have reported that Qilin pills used alone or in combination with Western medicine can significantly increase the number of total sperm in semen and the number of forward-moving sperm for men and improve the fertility ability of the spouse(5-9). 


      Mechanism studied revealed that Qilin pill can inhibit Bax-caspase-9 apoptosis, restore the normal levels of luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), prolactin, testosterone (fT), and sex hormone -binding globulin (SHBG), reduce the level of oxidative stress products such as reactive oxygen species (ROS) and malondialdehyde (MDA), increase testicular superoxide dismutases (SOD) activity, restore the expression of the gene TSSK2 related to sperm formation, and improve semen parameters and testicular tissue morphology.(10,11)


      Qilin pills can not only be used for oligoasthenozoospermia, but also effectively improve ovarian function and help infertile women increase the chances of pregnancy. Clinicly, it has been widely used for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) (12-17), low endometrial receptivity(18), luteal insufficiency(19), diminished ovarian reserve DOR(20,21), Luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome (LUF syndrome)(22) and other causes of female infertility. It can be used alone or as an adjunct to western medicine treatment.


      The quality of fertilitator is strictly controlled from the ingredients to finished product in comply with cGMP and FDA regulation. By improving ovarian function, fertilitator can not only help women with infertility caused by ovary dysfunction to increase the pregnancy rate, but also help women with amenorrhea during childbearing age due to low ovarian function to restore menstruation. It is especially suitable for these who have ovary dysfunction or menstrual disorder and also complain fatigue, low back soreness and cold hands and feet.




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