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Function: Improve female ovarian function, raise the number and quality of male sperms, and increase fertility.

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Fertilitator is formulated based on Qilin Pill, a Chinese herbal medicine manufacturered by Guangdong Tai An Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which has been sold in China for nearly 30 years. It is composed of 15 commonly used Chinese herbs, most of them are used as tonic herbs.


Multiple clinical studies have reported that Qilin pills used alone or in combination with western medicine can significantly improve the sperm motility and semen quality of the patients with idiopathic oligoasthenospermia, increase the number of total sperm in the semen and the number of forward-moving sperm, and raise the fertility ability of the spouse. At the same time, it can help infertile women to increase the chance of pregnancy by improving ovarian function.


Mechanism studies have revealed from several aspects that Qilin Pills can treat male and female infertility through regulating the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis and improve the function endocrine system. Toxicologic study including reproductive toxicology tests (teratogenicity tests) have confirmed that Qilin pill is a safe and effective product. Fertilitator is made in USA in the form of powder using the same formula and source of materials as Qilin pill. It is not only suitable for male with oligoasthenospermia, but also female with infertility caused by ovulation dysfunction, low ovarian function, corpus luteum insufficiency, polycystic ovary syndrome, and other reasons. It can be used alone or as an adjuvant to western medicine.

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