Lung Detoxificator - Detoxification and support respiratory functions
  • Lung Detoxificator - Detoxification and support respiratory functions

    14 Sachets

    Clear heat, detoxification and dissolve phlegm, improve circulation, respiratory and lung functions.

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      Suggested Use: Take 1 sachet each time, 1-2 times per day. Dissolve with hot water. Add honey for better taster.


      Ingredients: Kudzu root, cinnamon twig, white peony, loquat Leaf, honeysuckle, scutellaria, reed Root, ginger, Licorice.

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      Modern studies have shown that Lonicerae Japonicae Flos [1], Scutellariae Radix [2,3], Paeoniae Alba Radix, Cinnamomi Ramulus [4,5], Eriobotryae Folium [6], Puerariae Lobatae Radix [7], Paeoniae Alba Radix [8] have anti-viral activities; most of them have anti-inflammatory activities [1-4,9,10]. Eriobotryae Folium has Bronchodilator effects [11], antitussive and expectorant properties [11,12]. Paeoniae Alba Radix has vasodilator effect [13].




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