Menopause Comfort - Effectively reduce all menopause symptoms
  • Menopause Comfort - Effectively reduce all menopause symptoms

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    60 Capsules


    Regulate hormone and nerve function, reduce menopause symptoms.

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      Suggested use: 1 capsule/time, twice per day.


      Main ingredients: Red clover, Chaste Berry, Black cohosh.


      Recommend for: Women with hot flash, night sweating, anxiety and depress.


      Caution: Not recommend for patients with breast cancer or heavy manstration.


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      Red clover, chaste berry, and black cohosh are commonly used folk herbs in Europe and America. They are the three herbs screened out in the UIC/NIH Center for Botanical Dietary Supplement Research in Women's Health when Dr. Liu were in Illinois State University Chicago. Both red clover and chaste berry contain phytoestrogens that can bind to estrogen receptor and regulate the gene expression of estrogen and progesterone receptors, thus are used for hot flash and night sweats of menopause women. Black cohosh can act on serotonin receptors, thereby regulating function of the nervous system and improving symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Unlike the synthetic estrogens, there is no research report on phytoestrogens causing breast cancer or heart disease yet so far.


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