Metabolic Aid - Support metabolism, circulation and digestion
  • Metabolic Aid - Support metabolism, circulation and digestion

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    Promote metabolism of water, fat and blood glucose, improve circulation and digestive function.

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      Suggested Use: Dissolve with warm water (6 oz or more). Add honey for better taste. 1-2 bags per day. 2 bags per day is recommended for the best result.


      Main Ingredients: Coix seed, adzuki bean, Chinese quince fruit, kudzu root, hawthorn berry, lotus leaves, cinnamon twig, jujube.


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      Metabolic Aid is made from an all food source recipe. Our tea will help you promote the metabolism of water, fat, and blood glucose all while helping you improve your circulation and digestive function. The ingredients in our formula have been historically used as herbs in China.


      Modern pharmacological studies have revealed that coix seed can improve water transportation [1], adzuki bean and lotus leaves have anti-obesity effects [2,3], lotus leaves can also help decrease raised lipids [3], hawthorn fruit can increase the integrity of the blood vessel wall and improve coronary blood flow [4], Jujube can nourish blood, regulate digestion, improve quality of sleep and also has neuroprotective activities [5], cinnamon can improve circulation and help reduce blood sugar [6], kudzu root can significantly improve cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and neural functions and it also has neuro-protection effect [7,8].



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