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The formula of Throat Comfort has been used in China for sore throat

  • Main Ingredients: Green Chiretta, Cape Jasmine fruit, Ophiopogon.Green Chiretta has been widely used for treating a sore throat, flu, and upper respiratory tract infections in Asia.

  • Studies have revealed its components have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antitumor, antidiabetic, antifeedant, and antiviral activities.

  • Cape Jasmine fruit and Ophiopogon are also widely used as medicine in Asian. Studies on Cape Jasmine fruit showed that its ingredients have effects of antioxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-ischemic brain injuries, anti-platelet aggregation, anti-hyperglycemia, anti-hyperlipidemia, anti-hypertension.

  • The components in Ophiopogon are known for its cardiovascular protection, mitigate inflammation, anti-oxidation, immunomodulation, cough relief, antimicrobial, and anti-diabetes activities.

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The Nature of Science

Every ingredient in this product is screened and validated in the BestLab USA. EXPERTPHARM's Throat Comfort is made to clear heat, Anti-inflammatory, detoxificate, and mitigate throat discomfort by our concentrated plant extracts. Dr. Willow Liu developed this formula with the combination of traditional application and modern study. Its efficacy on coughs has been testified by her patients in her clinic for over 15 years. We pledge to continue investing in science & technology, keeping our products safe and at the forefront of herbal-based well-being.

Premium Ingredients

You can always trust that what you read on a EXPERTPHARM's label is what you will find in the product. Our validation process ensures authentic, safe ingredients & products — free of toxicity from heavy metals, pesticides & microbial contaminants.

100% Natural Herbal Extractions Seed to Shelf

✔️ EXPERTPHARM's Throat Comfort is made with 100% herbal extractions with no soy, peanut or any type of filler.

✔️ Effective Ingredients at strategic doses

✔️ Made in the USA in a FDA registered NSF CGMP Facility

✔️ Premium Ingredients

✔️ Brand You Can Trust - We are always ready to help

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